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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 6, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- tracking the tropics. colin swirling in the gulf of mexico. setting its sights on florida. tropical storm warnings posted overnight. when and where it's expected to make land fall. donald trump is stepping up his attacks at the judge presiding over the trump university trial. we're live in washington. and breaking overnight, a kanye west pop-up show turning into chaos. the rapper greeting the crowds just moments ago. and lebron james and the cavaliers are trying to come back from a crushing defeat. we have highlights
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two blowout. and we do say good monday morning. hope you have a great weekend. new tropical warnings posted overnight. as millions prepare for colin. >> the storm is heading toward florida's west coast. >> the biggest threat, when it makes land fall is heavy rain and wind. people from tampa to the panhandle are already preparing by filling sandbags. the latest on the track from accuweather's paul williams. >> good morning to you. we have this high pressure system that's going fling this low known now as colin like a curveball right over florida. with potential development to get stronger. we'll be concerned with widespread tornadoes throughout florida and then a solid flood threat up to t
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as jacksonville. looking for the greatest flood risk. kendis, diane. >> a long 24 hours ahead if many people in florida. now to muhammad ali, back home again this morning. >> his casket landed in his hometown of louisville, kentucky, sunday. his funeral take s place friday morning. abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: here in muhammad ali's hometown. a solemn procession. an interfaith prayer service. as friends and fans pay tribute around the world. >> he was bigger than just a world boxing champ. he was a champion in life. >> reporter: the champ's family sharing details in his final moments friday when the 74-year-old iconic athlete died
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due to septic shock. his daughter hannah tweeting, dad did not go easily. his heart beating 30 minutes after his other organs failed. we all tried to stay strong. ali saying his good-byes with a squeeze of the hand. his funeral set to be an elaborate public event exactly the way he wanted it. on friday, his remains will be carried through the streets of louisville in a slow pro session along muhammad ali boulevard to his funeral where comedian billy crystal, and former president bill clinton. are expected to deliver eulogyies. honoring the greatest. thousands of people are expected to attend. those who
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service will be streamed live online. now to olympic, hillary clinton is within striking distance of securing the democratic nomination ahead of the california primary. >> as clinton celebrates sunday's victory in pure tee rico she's joining the chorus of criticism against donald trump. he's doubling down on the heritage of a judge. it's "your voice, your vote." more now from megan hughes. >> reporter: donald trump didn't back off his contentious that federal judge should be disqualified presiding over a fraud case over trump university because of his ancestry. >> very pro-mexican. i got bias. >> reporter: when cbs asked -- trump went even further. >> if it were a muslim judge do you think that t
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able to preside fairly. >> possibly yes. i'm talking about common sense. >> reporter: the comments condemn by in in his own party. including newt gingrich. >> it's one of the worst mistakes donald trump has done. >> trump will not become president because in the year 2016 the american people will not accept a bigoted president. >> reporter: bernie sanders is neck and neck with hillary clinton in california. clinton is less than 30 delegates away from clinching the nomination after a big win in puerto rico last night. >> i want to finish strong here in california. it means the world to me. >> reporter: sanders has one event in san
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meanwhile clinton and her husband are hosting a total of nine events throughout california today including one star-studded concert featuring christina aguilera, john legend and stevie wonder. >> lots of votes including tomorrow including new jersey and new mexico. several people are fighting for their lives after a shooting in phoenix. police say five men were shot at a hotel overnight. three of them are in critical condition. investigators are still trying to figure out what prompted this shooting. a u.s. journalist and afterbegan interpreter have been killed in afghanistan. two other journalists traveling with the pair were not hurt. the translate or the worked for npr. thousands of californians are m
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after fleeing a brush fire. some pockets of flame linger. it was started by falling power lines after a car crashed into a utility pole. one commercial building was destroyed. only one home was damaged. officials don't want to see any more images like this along california's huntington beach. an area was shot down after l e lifeguards spotted three great sharks. in a few hours, we'll find out whether the ohio gorilla case will become a case. zoo officials shot and killed an endangered gorilla harambe to protect the
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golden state warriors have two games to none lead after routing the cavs last night. the next game is wednesday in cleveland right here on abc. still ahead -- mark zuckerberg, has he fallen victim to hackers. and happening overnight, people swarm the new york streets. after kanye west announced a surprise concert. muhammad ali's memorial, just feet away from a
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into whether a gas leak kauszed this explosion that leveled a home in new jersey. one man living in the house was burned over 50% of his body. two other people were treated for cuts and bruises. neighbors said they smell gas after the explosion. a developing story here in new york. a huge crowd of 4,000 kanye west fans showed up for a surprise show at a small concert venue. when west arrived people started jumping on cars and trucks just trying to get a glimpse of the star. around 2:00 a.m. the crowd grew so unruly, the venue called off the show. but fans refused to leave. that's when west spoke to them and told them to go home. >> and maybe they listened then. creating social media giant doesn't mean you're immune to hackers. some of facebook ceo mark zuckerbe zuckerberg's accounts were hacked. reports say the breach
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blamed on linkedinbreach last week. a new mission to moon could get the green light. it will go to a private company, moon express, to cliefr a small package. the wall street journal reports the faa might approve the mission. the latest superhero movie, teenage mutant won the box office. it pulled in $20 million. the romantic tear jerker me before you did expebetter than expected with $13.5. an unusual threat, a monkey stealing from a jewelry store.
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the southern atlantic coast. but drivers should watch out for flooding in florida and along the gulf coast. showers in the rockies won't mount to much. muhammad ali's road to becoming sports and a social champion began in louisville, kentucky, his hometown has now begun to stay good-bye. >> it took place after ali's casket arrived in the city for preparation for his funeral and a public memorial. both will take place this friday. this scene outside of muhammad ali center in louisville. thousands of bees -- worker were called in to remove the insects as people paid tribute to ali. a bit of coincidence, all steps away from the massive swarm of his famous quote, "float like a
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butterfly, sting like a bee." frightening moments for passengers aboard a malaysian flight, it hit severe turbulence. the cabin was left in complete disarray with food carts and other items tossed around. several people, though were treated for minor injuries. little boy in japan is very thankful for a sturdy glass wall. his 2-year-old boy and his family got the scare of their lives. after the initial scare and a few gasps, the boy let out a nervous laugh. >> that poor kid's therapy bills -- all right, a brazen robbery in the
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camera. you won't believe who was behind it. a monkey pushed its way into a jewelry store in india. the monkey opened a drawer and grabbed a handful of cash. the worker tried to entice the monkey with a call. the monkey got away with 10,000 bucks. the driver of this dragster is okay after his car exploded while speeding down the track. he managed to keep the car straight in his own row, the nose of the body was still attached. the driver credited safety gear. he was able to walk away unharmed. >> all right, time now f
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thrashing the warriors gave the cavaliers from our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. john buccigross and john anderson. the nba finals resumed on abc last night in oakland. >> yes, america's team right now in the nba is golden state. no longer burden by a 3-1 deficit getting out of the western conference finals they have been loose nap's not dabbing? >> i don't know what that is. >> they came out ready to play, especially draymond green. didn't get a ton from steph again, didn't get a ton from klay again, didn't need it. not shooting particularly well here. found his stroke. 5 of 8 from three. his previous finals game last year in those six games was 17. he had 18 in the first half. 28 in the game. his team went on
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this game. they ended up winning by 33. look at steph, i'll be a cheerleader. and then this there is, klay thompson, hit kevin love goes down. eventually left the game and took part in the concussion protocol. we'll see what his status is for game three back in cleveland wednesday night. >> also on abc. "sportscenter" to follow from the land. >> we'll be there. up next in the pulse -- we have a newly crowned miss usa. >> and the best wedding crasher ever. taylor swift surprising a couple. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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♪ time now to check the pulse. starting now with a new beauty queen claiming her crown. >> district of columbia! >> you're looking at miss usa 2016, deshauna barber, she's an army officer from the district of columbia and the first military member to win the pageant. the 26-year-old lieutenant certains in army reserves while working full time for the commerce department. >> she impressed the judges with answer on women in combat. >> she'll go on to the miss ufrs competition next. what do superstars do when they have a free saturday in june and they're single? >> if you're taylor swift you crash a wedding. t-swift filled the blank space for one happy couple.
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she was invited to do so by the groom's sister. some people proudly dance to the beat of a different drummer, like little anthony. >> she was invited to princess day, she arrived in a hot dog bun. best part is it was all her idea. so in a world of princesses be a hot dog. >> there you go. do your own thing. the world chin kicking champion. the goal is to bring down the competitor by bringing do--
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lows: 62-70 winds: sw 5 mph tuesday: partly cloudy and breezy. isolated pm shower or thunderstorm. highs: 78-85 winds: nw 5-15 mph covering metro.
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morning for the transit agency as it handles it's first rush hour with safetrack closures in effect. metro's year-long repair overhaul began over the weekend, impacting the orange and silver lines from ballston to east falls church. metro officials say continuous single tracking over the next ten days, means trains will run about every 18 minutes. and during rush hour-- that wait time could be even worse. that probably means a much earlier start for many cmu
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this portion of the safetrack plan is expected to continue until june 16th. we'll have much more on metor-- and the impact of this year long safetrack plan, coming up in a few minutes. the search will resume this morning for two fisherman, in the potomac river. search teams have been looking for the pair since their fishing boat capsized early sunday morning near the u-s 15 bridge in point of rocks. natural resource police say they did recieve a distress call just before 9-30, before the fisherman disappeared. new this morning. a new miss u-s-a has been crowned, and she hails from right here in the district. last night, miss district of columbia, deshauna barber, was crowned the winner of the miss u-s-a pageant. the 26-year-old u-s army officer gave a strong answer when asked about women in combat. she will now go on to compete in the miss universe pagea.
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deshauna. it's xx and we're just getting started. here we go-- safetrack delays mean trouble for rush hour metro riders. we will break down everything you need to know this morning. complete coverage coming up. basketball blow out. game two of the nba finals was over long before the final whisle. highlights and reaction from players, ahead. good morning washington. today: partly to mostly sunny and warm. less humid. highs: 84-88 winds: wsw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. mild and a bit muggier. lows: 62-70 winds: sw 5 mph tuesday: partly cloudy and breezy. isolated pm shower or thunderstorm. highs: 78-85 winds: nw 5-15 mph
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covering metro.


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